Classes in Barcelona

Kids 7-12 years old.

We offer classes in Poble Nou, on Carrer de Pujades 138.

Kids 7-12 years old

The focus is on visual programming and we will create interactive stories and small games. Hands on trial and error - debugging and problem solving both individually and in pairs or groups. We will also learn useful coding terms.

In Kids Hack Club you will learn computational thinking skills, how a computer works and what coding is and what it is used for. You will learn how to create interactive stories and small games while using programming. You will develop your mathematic and problem solving skills and your creative thinking.

As a member of the club you will meet new friends, learn how to cooperate, create and work on your communicative skill
– All in English.

You need to bring:
- iPad / Android Tablet / Laptop
- Happiness


For the whole autumn semester.
September 18th - December 23th 2017. One class/week.
Our classes in Barcelona are held in Poble Nou, on Carrer de Pujades 138, close to the Llacuna Metro Station.

Kids Hack Club - Vision

We want to get the after school program going in many parts of Barcelona, Spain and even the world.

Besides after school classes we want to offer Hackathons - where we dedicate a whole evening or even a weekend to creativeness. Workshops and talks for teachers - to spread the spirit of Kids Hack Club. Camps - where kids will be surrounded by coding and creating for a whole week and much more!

In the long run, our vision for Kids Hack Club is to make people think about "hacking" in another way. For us it’s not only about tech, it’s a mindset. It’s a way to think outside of the box.

To create or tweak things into something better regardless if it’s about coding an app, up cycling things in the physical world, solving an environmental problem in your hometown or even come up with a way of contributing to the world peace. Or why not make Kids Hack Club into a school, or several schools…

4-6 years

200€ - Autumn 2017

13-15 years

200€ - Autumn 2017