Classes in Barcelona

Focus on creativity with visual programming, robotics, arduino, interactive story creation, small games and apps.

We offer classes in Poble Nou, on Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada 68, planta 1.

4-6 years

300€ - Spring 2018

The youngest members of Kids Hack Club will focus on visual programming both on and off screen. We will foster creativity and discover the fun in coding. No need to worry if your child doesn’t read yet.

7-12 years

300€ - Spring 2018

The focus is on visual programming and we will create interactive stories and small games. Hands on trial and error - debugging and problem solving both individually and in pairs or groups. We will also learn useful coding terms.

13-15 years

300€ - Spring 2018

The oldest members of Kids Hack Club will of course also start with the basics, but pretty quick move over to create own projects such as games, apps and websites. They will also develop their presentation skills when showing their projects. We will use visual programming and text-based programming